Privacy Policy



  1. Application and general provision on privacy protection
  2. takes the protection of your privacy seriously and we undertake to protect the privacy of all visitors to our website in accordance with these Data Protection Conditions and the Finnish and EU data protection regulations.


    When using our services, You accept the terms and conditions of this Data Protection Policy. Should you not accept these terms and conditions, you do not have the right to use our services.


  3. The information gathered


    We gather personal data of the user in accordance with the needs for processing described under Section 4.


    Data on the use of the service

      • data on use and browsing
      • data collected using cookies and other technologies


    Personal information of the user

    – contact information, such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, instant messenger ID

      • customer account registration information, user ID, login name, password, other identifiers
      • demographic data, such as age, gender, title or profession, language, other similar types of data
      • customer relationship data, such as invoicing and payment information, product and order information, customer reviews and contact information, raffle and contest entry information and cancellation data
      • information about the users profile and location submitted by the user

    – permissions and consents

    – information on direct marketing authorisations

    – other information collected with user consent


  5. Data collection sources


    Data is mainly collected directly from the user, in conjunction with registration and at later stages of the customer relationship. Data is also collected using cookies and equivalent technological applications to be described in detail below.


  7. Purposes of personal information collection

  8. Personal information is used solely for predetermined purposes, primarily the following:


      • production of services
      • management and development of the customer relationship



    • product and service development
    • marketing and promotional purposes
    • analysis and statistics
    • marketing surveys and opinion polls
    • other similar purposes


  9. Terms for releasing data


    We may only release your personal data to third parties for justified purposes, in accordance with the legislation on personal data. The data you have provided on the website can be transferred to third parties in the following groups:


    • service providers who are involved in the realisation and development of our website and services
    • our partners for marketing purposes, unless you have specifically forbidden this

    – to authorities, in a case where the law or our interest or the interest of a third party so requires

    • furthermore, the data may be released to third parties in such a form that single users cannot be identified, in which case it is not considered  personal data


    In principle, we do not transfer information outside the EU or ETA. If we transfer information outside the EU or ETA, we shall ensure that the personal data protection shall remain at an adequate level by, for example, agreeing on matters relevant to personal data confidentiality and processing in accordance with legislation; for example using model contract clauses authorised by the European Commission and otherwise in such a manner that processing personal information shall take place in accordance with this Data Protection Policy.


  11. Data retention


    We shall keep user information recorded no longer than necessary in order to fulfill the purposes indicated above in Section 4, and in accordance with legislation valid at the relevant time.


  13. Cookies


    A cookie is a file stored on the user’s device with the purpose of helping the online service provider to, for example, remember settings made on the service. Information about the user’s computer or other device may be collected using cookies and related technology. On the website, data on the visitors’ browsing behaviour may be collected and used. automatically collects data on how a website visitor uses the website and which pages and parts of a website the visitor browses as well as information on the type of computer or mobile device used. This data is needed in order to offer optimised content and analyse the use of resources, fix problems, prevent fraud and improve services.


    It is impossible to identify a single person from the cookies collected and collecting personal data is not the purpose of their use. Cookies and equivalent technology do not harm the user’s device or files. They do not make it possible to access any other information on the user’s hard disk.


    Third parties linked to this site, for example advertisers and advertising networks, may use cookies and equivalent technology to, for example, target marketing based on a user’s likely fields of interest.


    A user may disable the use of cookies or clear the cookies by changing browser settings. Disabling or clearing cookies may affect the function of our Service.


    The website contains links to third-party websites and what are known as social extensions (such as Twitter and Facebook social plug-ins). The website plug-ins for third parties are downloaded from the servers of the services in question. For the services offered by third parties on the website or applications provided by a third party, the terms and conditions of the third party are applied. We shall not be liable for the content, security or data protection policies of other websites.


  15. User’s right to changes and bans and right to receive information on recorded data


    Opting out from direct marketing


    The user has the right to forbid disclosing their information and processing it for direct advertising, telemarketing and other direct marketing by contacting our customer service.

    Accessing the data

    A user has the right to access all personal information that has been recorded in connection to their user account. By a request submitted by a user, we shall remove or rectify any personal information that is erroneous, unnecessary, incomplete or obsolete. The user is entitled to update and/or access his/her personal data by contacting the data controller, whose contact information is available here.


    Disabling cookies

    A user may disable the use of cookies by changing browser settings. Disabling cookies may affect the functionality of our Service.



    • Protecting personal information



    We employ necessary technical and organisational data protection measures in order to protect the personal information against unlawful access, disclosure, removal or other unlawful processing. Such measures include, but are not limited to, the use of firewalls, encryption technology and safe physical facilities, appropriate access control, controlled authorisation of user IDs and controlling their use, using encryption techniques, guidelines to people involved in personal data processing and careful selection of subcontractors.



    • Right to make changes to these conditions

  reserves the right to make changes to the Data Protection Policies described herein and to update these conditions accordingly and without prior notice. The applicable current version of this policy is available on our website.