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Version 3  25.5.2018

This Privacy Policy explains what data we collect, why and how we use, store, protect, and process these data.
We explain your rights and responsibilities as a user and how you can control your personal data when using our services.
We also describe what measures we take in order to keep your personal data secure.

By talking about in this policy, we mean, the company and website at takes the protection of your privacy seriously and undertake to protect your privacy in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the Finnish and EU Data Protection Regulation.

When using our services, You accept the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. Should you not accept these terms and conditions, you do not have the right to use our services.

Information we collect and receive

We collect and/or receive data and information of visitors and registered users on our website. Some of which are personally identifiable and some non-identifying or aggregated. Personal information is collected upon your consent.

Log data

When you use, our servers automatically record various information that your browser sends. This log data may include your browser type, settings, language preferences, screen resolution, browser configuration, the time and date of your requests, your IP address, plug-ins, and cookie data. Read more of our cookie policy in the Cookie Policy section.

Account and profile information

When creating an account at we collect your name, email address and password. You can add optional personal information to help us personalise the service and some of which are required in order to use some features of the service. These include your phone number, birth date, gender, additional email, address, preferred display language, company, occupation and primary shipping address.
You can also authenticate using your Google, LinkedIn, or Facebook account. That means you give the selected third party service permission to share your personal data with us to authenticate your account registration.

Data and content on the use of our service

Content and messages that you write, save, send, and receive within 

This includes public comments and reviews you write on our website, sales quotes and messages you send to specific stores and receive via our service, product price alerts you set, products you save on your wishlist, public ratings you give, raffle and contest entry information and cancellation data, online forms you fill within our service, location you submit, files that you share or upload, permissions and consents you give and information on direct marketing authorisations.

Information from partners and other third parties may receive personal information from selected 3rd party services and partners such as Google, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We may receive information of our users from Hubspot CRM and sales applications, Google products, Mailchimp, Mailmunch, Facebook and Twitter, including social plugins. This enables us to to learn about our user community and improve our services even further. We may not be able to provide our service without third party services and partners.

Newsletter subscription

When subscribing to our newsletter, you explicitly give us permission to send marketing communication and other content such as free articles, product news, reports, and price updates of the latest technologies to the email address you provide to us.

Consent to receiving marketing communication can be given at account registration or by submitting your email address in the footer of our pages.

How we use your information

Personal information is used solely for predetermined purposes to:

  • Provide our services

  • Understand our products and services to personalise, develop, and improve them

  • Manage and develop customer relationships, service, and support

  • Prevent and aid in lawful investigation of potentially illegal activities

  • Marketing and promotional purposes

  • Analysis and statistics

  • Marketing surveys and opinion polls

  • Communicate service, administrative and product updates

We may send emails regarding important updates or for other service or administrative purposes and you may not opt out of them.

If you have subscribed to receive our newsletter by giving consent to receiving marketing communication from us, you can cancel your subscription at any time by following a link at the end of our newsletter email.

We use Mailchimp and Mailmunch to create, manage, and send newsletters and therefore disclose your email address to these services in case you have given consent to receiving marketing communications from us.

Our email service providers may track whether or not you have opened an email or clicked links within the email, which is for the purpose of improving our emails to serve you better and help us communicate with you more effectively.

We do not use personal data for automatic decision making or profiling activities. 

We may only release your personal data to third parties for justified purposes and in accordance with the legislation on personal data and this Privacy Policy. contains links to third party ICT product suppliers’ and sellers’ websites. We may release only aggregated data and statistics to these suppliers of the traffic they receive from our website, except when you use our service to send inquiries to specific suppliers of your choice. By using the ‘ask for a deal’ feature we disclose to the recipient supplier your username, email, and of course the message you write to communicate with the supplier. These suppliers are located all over the world.

Our website includes social extensions (Twitter, Google+, and Facebook social plug-ins) provided by the respective services under each service provider’s own Privacy Policy and terms and conditions. We do our best to make sure all our partners comply with Data Protection Regulation, yet, we shall not be liable for the content, security or data protection policies of other websites.

Furthermore, data may be released to third parties in such a form that single users cannot be identified, in which case it is not considered personal data.

Who processes your data

At our team handles, manages, and analyses user data that is mainly anonymous and/or aggregated, but have access to personal data in the purpose of customer relationship management, problem solving, and realisation and development of our website and services.

We may outsource parts of our information processing to third parties, in which case we do our best to ensure that personal data protection shall remain at an adequate level by agreeing on matters relevant to personal data confidentiality and processing in accordance with legislation.

Data storage, protection, and retention

We employ necessary technical and organisational data protection measures in order to protect our data and personal information against unlawful access, disclosure, removal or other unlawful processing. Such measures include, but are not limited to, the use of firewalls, encryption technology and safe physical facilities, appropriate access control, controlled authorisation of user IDs and controlling their use, using encryption techniques, guidelines to people involved in personal data processing and careful selection of subcontractors. 

We use hosting service providers in the EU to host our data. In principle, we do not transfer information outside the EU or EEA. If we transfer information outside the EU or EEA, we shall ensure that the personal data protection shall remain at an adequate level by, for example, agreeing on matters relevant to personal data confidentiality and processing in accordance with legislation; for example using model contract clauses authorised by the European Commission and otherwise in such a manner that processing personal information shall take place in accordance with this Data Protection Policy

We shall keep user information recorded no longer than necessary in order to provide our service and fulfill the purposes indicated above in section ‘How we use your information’, and in accordance with legislation valid at the relevant time.

Your rights to your personal information

You have the right to ask to be forgotten at any time. We will process your request and permanently remove your information from our records and close your user account or inform a justified reason why your information cannot be deleted. We may be obliged by law to store or not to delete the information. We are required by law to store accounting records for 10 years, which means we cannot delete information within accounting records before the required time.

You have the right to access all personal information that has been recorded in connection to your user account. By a request submitted by you, we shall remove or rectify any personal information that is erroneous, unnecessary, incomplete or obsolete. You are also entitled to update and/or access your personal data by contacting our customer service.

You have the right to opt out from direct marketing, which means forbidding disclosing your information and processing it for direct advertising, telemarketing and other direct marketing by contacting our customer service.

Cookie Policy

As most of the sites in the internet, we too use cookies to record data from visits to our website and application. To enable your use of our services and improve your user experience we use both, session-based and persistent cookies.

A cookie is a tiny file stored on the user’s device with the purpose of helping the us to, for example, remember you are logged in and settings you have made on the service. Information about your computer or other device may be collected using cookies and related technology. On the website, data on a visitor’s browsing behaviour may be collected and used. automatically collects data on how you as a website visitor use the website and which pages and parts of a website you browse as well as information on the type of computer or mobile device you are using. This data is needed to offer optimised content and analyse the use of resources, fix problems, prevent fraud and improve services.
It is impossible to identify a single person from the cookies collected and collecting personal data is not the purpose of their use. Cookies and equivalent technology do not harm your device or files. They do not make it possible to access any other information on the user’s hard disk.

Third party services, advertisers, and advertising networks linked to this site, (Google, Facebook, Hubspot, Mailmunch) may use cookies and equivalent technology to help us better provide and develop our service and market our service online.
You may disable the use of cookies or clear the cookies by changing your browser settings. Disabling or clearing cookies may affect the function of our service.

Right to make changes to this Privacy Policy reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy described herein and to update these conditions accordingly and without prior notice. The applicable current version of this policy is available on our website.


You may contact us by sending an email to the address: contact(a)