Terms of Use



Application of the conditions

These Terms and Conditions shall be applied to the Dealna.com online service produced and maintained by  Dealna.com Ltd (hereinafter ‘Dealna.com’) and the contents of the service (hereinafter ‘Service’). The use of the Service requires that the user of the service (hereinafter ‘You’) accept these Terms and Conditions and undertake to comply with them. Should you not accept these Terms and Conditions, you should refrain from using the Service.

You must also read the Data Protection Policy pertaining to the service; it makes up a part of the contents of the Service and these Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions shall be valid until further notice. Dealna.com reserves the right to make changes to the Terms and Conditions unilaterally. The changes shall become valid as and when Dealna.com so notifies on a website in conjunction with the Service.

Use and Delivery of the Service

The use of certain parts of the Service requires registration and the Service may contain parts that are subject to charge. To use the services that are subject to charge, payment of a fee indicated in conjunction with the Service is required. Dealna.com has the right to make changes to the fees and pricing principles of the Service and to change a free-from-charge Service subject to charge or vice versa.


The product and pricing information and other information provided by the Service have been received directly from suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, or publishers or they have been collected from public sources. It is the intention of Dealna.com that the information provided by the Service is as up-to-date and correct as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that all the information on the website is up-to-date and correct. You must, before making a purchase, check the price and other features of the product directly with the vendor.


The vendors and other parties listed on the Service are independent third parties. Dealna.com is not a vendor, retailer or licensee of the vendors or products. Nor does Dealna.com act as a client, agent or intermediary for the parties advertising on the website. Should you decide to purchase a product or service you have found via the Service and you are transferred to the website of the vendor or party offering the product, you may be required to comply with the Terms and Conditions of the aforementioned website. As a result of a purchase, you shall enter into a direct contractual relationship with the vendor or party providing the product. Dealna.com shall not be a party to this contractual relationship and holds no liability for any damage or loss that you might suffer.



Dealna.com shall not be liable for any payments or other transactions of funds that you are expected to perform to the supplier of your choice or other third party. You shall be responsible for the transactions being completed in accordance with the conditions set forth by the supplier of the goods or other third party.


Dealna.com reserves the right to, as it considers appropriate and without advance notice, change, suspend or call off the Service or the website or its part and the right to make changes to their contents, appearance and other features.


Data Security and Privacy Protection


You must acknowledge that using an open data network carries a data security risk. Dealna.com is not responsible for your data security when you are using the Service. You are solely responsible for the protection and data security of your computer, computer systems, local network and equivalent hardware and systems. You shall be responsible for the consequences of insufficient protection and the damages caused to Dealna.com, the users or third parties by any viruses or malware that have entered or spread through the network due to your negligence.


Dealna.com shall keep all information concerning you confidential. Dealna.com shall see to the data security of the Service in an acceptable and effective manner and seeks to, with appropriate technical solutions, prevent the access of unwanted parties to its data systems. Dealna.com does not, however, guarantee complete data security.


Dealna.com takes the protection of your privacy seriously and we are committed to complying with the Data Security Policy, based on the Finnish and European Union legislation on privacy protection. The Data Security Policy makes up a part of these Terms and Conditions and you will find it here.


Services requiring registration, their user IDs and passwords


Some of the features of the Service require that You register and set up a user account with the Service. With registration, you will receive a user ID and a password (identification). The identification is personal and must not be assigned or disclosed to a third party. You shall be responsible for all the activities carried out with your user identification or registered user account. Should the user identification unlawfully end up with a third party, should they be lost or should some other circumstance that affects the user security of the Service come about, you must notify Dealna.com immediately. Dealna.com holds the right to close Your access to the Service immediately after being notified of user identification ending up in the possession of a third party or lost or at the administrators or moderators discression. Dealna.com holds the right to change the user identification for reasons resulting from the network, client, providing the Service, data security or safety or if so ordered by authorities or if other reasons so require. When providing information about yourself when first beginning to use the Service, you accept and declare that you are legally competent and can thus undertake to comply with these Terms and Conditions and that you are using your rightful identity and that the information you provide is correct, up-to-date and complete. If the information you provide is false, outdated or incomplete or if Dealna.com has any reason to distrust the truthfulness of the information you have submitted, Dealna.com shall have the right to suspend or close your user account and to forbid You from using the Service at the given moment and in the future.


Responsibilities of the user in the use of the Service and material entered into the Service


You shall be responsible for your use of the Service and the material you submit to the Service or share with other users and in other data networks through the Service, and that your use of the Service or the aforementioned materials do not violate third-party copyrights, industrial property rights or other protected rights and that they are not in violation of these Terms and Conditions, the law, nor unethical or detrimental or disruptive to the network, Dealna.com, Dealna.com’s contracting parties or other users or third parties.


When you submit image or video material into the Service, you are responsible for ensuring that you possess all

the required copyrights and other rights of the material you submit. This means that you have photographed or in another manner created the material that you upload or that the persons who have photographed or in another manner been involved in the creation of the material have transferred all the necessary rights to you, including the right to edit and further transfer the materials and that you have permission for recording the material.


You undertake to compensate Dealna.com or a third party for any expenses or damages caused by the use of the Service in breach of this section.


When saving or uploading material to the Service, you transfer the right to use, edit and utilise the material and information You have entered into the Service globally and without compensation to Dealna.com and its partners of cooperation.


Prohibition for use of the website by minors


The Service is intended solely for the use of persons and representatives of companies who are legally adults. If you are a minor (under the age of 18), you are allowed to use the Service together with a parent or guardian. Dealna.com shall reserve the right to prevent the use of the Service, should it doubt the age of a person or a representative.


Unlawful use of the services


You undertake to use the Service for legitimate purposes only. You may use the Service for product and price comparisons for your own use. You may download, save and print copies of the materials on the page for your personal, non-commercial use.


You do not have the right to create or have created copies of the contents of the Service, for resons other than the intended use of the service, for example, saving them on a server or making the contents or parts of the contents available for public access by, for example, transferring them on an information network without prior consent from Dealna.com or other holder of the rights.


You shall undertake not to submit, transfer or save any material that is unlawful, threatening, indecent, agitating, pornographic, abusive or considered criminal or that creates liability for damages or breaks the law in some other way or incites to take part in these kinds of activities in the Service or through it.


Furthermore, you undertake not to send, transfer or store any materials that are protected by copyrights, trademark rights or other immaterial rights in the Service or via it, unless you hold an express consent from the possessor of the right.


You also undertake not to submit, transfer or store in the Service or via it any materials that contain or advance the spreading of viruses or other malware into the Service or shall cause damage, harm or disruption of any other kind to the Service, its software, information, personal information, hardware or servers.


Dealna.com holds the right to, immediately and without further notice, suspend and prevent any such use and data communication and to remove from the Service any such materials that it consider to be against the law, good manners or in another respect inappropriate, or in breach of third-party rights or a threat to the data safety and security of the network and the Service, or to be harmful to other users or third parties or is otherwise in conflict with these Terms and Conditions.


Immaterial rights


The copyrights, industrial property rights and other protected rights of the material in the Service are the property of Dealna.com or its partners of cooperation or other third party. It is forbidden to create or have created copies of the material on the website of the Service by, for example, saving them on the server; access to its contents, in whole or in part, may not be made public by, for example, transferring them on an information network unless oral consent has been received in advance from Dealna.com or other property holder.


The trademarks or registered trademarks of product groups, products or services of Dealna.com, its partners and third parties found on the website of the Service are the property of these parties. No circumstance on the website provides the right to use or utilise these trademarks, logos or trademarks through a licence or other right to use without written consent from Dealna.com or other holder of the right.




The website of the Service may contain links to pages that are owned or maintained by third parties. When you are transferred to a linked website, the Terms and Conditions of the website in question shall be applied. Dealna.com is not responsible for the updates, publications or the information being correct on these third party websites. A link on our website to a third party website does not indicate that Dealna.com would, in any way, be responsible for the operation of these websites or the products or services offered or mentioned on the websites. The links are only offered for your possible use and You shall use them at your own risk.


Dealna’s responsibility for the contents of the Service, restrictions on liability


The Service contains product descriptions, pricing information, comments, user reviews and other contents concerning the products and services that are listed. All information is offered for your use and for making comparisons. You shall use the Service at your own risk.


Dealna.com shall not guarantee the availability, flawlessness, reliability, accuracy or applicability for a certain purpose of the comparison data, products or services featured on the website or the products or services purchased through it. Dealna.com shall not be liable for a defect in a product or service and/or the direct, indirect, incidental or specific damages, expenses or loss of income resulting from their use. Dealna.com shall not be liable for any possible damages resulting from the use of information that is false, defective or open to interpretation on the Service. Any information, instructions or guidelines provided at the Service are not meant to be information that are commercial, medical or in another nature binding to Dealna.com and they cannot be used as the grounds for stating claims to Dealna.com.


Dealna.com shall not be responsible for You if the use of the Service is obstructed or if there are flaws or defects on the Service, nor any possible defect or interference caused to your hardware or software that are the result of force majeure, improper use or connection of the Service, negligence or a matter in the sphere of responsibility of a third party or another circumstance or interferences or defects caused by maintenance and service operations in the Service.

Contact information and notifications

Communication between You and Dealna.com shall take place by e-mail. Any changes to the Services and these Terms and Conditions shall be posted on the website of the Service.


Postal address of Dealna.com: Dealna.com Ltd.

P.O. Box 131

00131 Helsinki, Finland


On matters pertaining to these Terms and Conditions, you can contact Dealna.com by sending an e-mail to the address: legal@dealna.com


Applicable legislation and conflict resolution


Finnish law shall be applied to the Service and these Terms and Conditions, excluding the provisions on the election of the law. The objective is to resolve any conflicts resulting from the use of the Service in conciliatory negotiations. If an agreement is not reached, the conflicts shall be resolved at the District Court of Helsinki, Finland.