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Dealna.com is a price comparison website, aiming to enhance and improve tech e-commerce in the Arab world, specifically in the Information Technology arena. We value our users and work hard to provide the best and most accurate prices and deals from worldwide suppliers.
Please Note that Dealna.com is an informative price comparison website and does not sell any products. The purchases of the products can be done directly from the supplier’s websites.

  • We aim to bring you the most valuable information possible, about the products you are looking for, the technologies you use, and suppliers that can reliably provide these products.

  • We offer a platform to search for great deals, compare prices, and discuss technology with relevant articles, blog posts and videos to inspire new ideas.

  • We want to help people make better, well-informed decisions when searching and evaluating different options in the world of technology.

Focusing on electronics, telecom and computer products, network and other technologies, we provide a multitude of prices, professional articles, users tips and reviews of various technologies supported by a community to share experiences, up-to-date information, and customer insight. Dealna.com is designed to make technology online shopping experience easier, faster, and just better.


Our vision is to help people and businesses work better and achieve their visions using the best technology available.
We aspire to become the No.1 marketplace and source of information for technology products and systems in the Arab world – the definite starting point for all technology purchases in this market.

Dealna.com Values

  • integrity; we aim to provide objective information about product prices and technical details.

  • development and progress; we want to provide our users with valuable and accurate information about recent developments in technology and guides, IT products and systems, thus saving them time and money during their ICT procurement processes.

  • open data; we want to incorporate many sources of data to our service and make it readily available. We want to present our users with fair and realistic views on technology using the resources available to us.

We do our best to make sure that our users find the technology that suit their individual needs and simply save valuable time by providing the necessary information conveniently in one place.

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